Giving to Worship

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Giving to Worship


Is it just a habit to plunk our change and checks into the plate each week? Why do we give?

To worship God!

We know the right answer, but do we always intentionally turn on the flow of worship from our hearts?

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Whether single, married, a parent, or serving as an offertory leader, pastor teacher or group facilitator; these meditations will help you honor God with your offering for powerful spiritual fruit in His kingdom. Join Keith and Cindy in growing hearts of giving, adoration and reverence for our Lord!

Giving to Worship includes:

  • Church leaders

  • Home schoolers

  • Families, couples

  • Small groups

  • 52+1 colorful devotions with inspiring stories and thought-provoking scriptural insight

  • Leader’s guide

  • Lesson plans for adults and children

  • Meaningful ideas for application

  • Suggestions for household dedication as well as moderators of worship services