Life Board


Life Board


Many have discovered the power of a personal life coach.  Life coaches help clients in several areas: designing the life they want, bringing out their brilliance and resources, achieving excellence, creating purposeful, extraordinary lives, and overcoming fears and obstacles.

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Your Life Board can do the same and more, because while the coach is generally a stranger who enters your life for a short period of time, your Life Board is comprised of members of your community, committed to your long-term success.

A Life Board can help you:

  • Navigate through transitions

  • Design the life you want

  • Bring out your brilliance and resources

  • Achieve excellence

  • Create purposeful, extraordinary lives

  • Overcome fears and obstacles

This sounds like the abundant life Jesus promised, the overcoming life Paul wrote about, the kingdom life that makes us stand out from the world . . . all built on God’s plan for community.

Life Board includes descriptions, instructions, examples, and practical advice for getting your own Life Board up and running.