leadership nugget

Submitted by Ann Weaver, Minister and Coach, TTWM


Leaders Die to Self

For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.
Matthew 16:25

Dying to self can often be misunderstood as the leader plays out roles in places of influence and authority. As Jesus did, so do leaders stay connected to their people, not looking out for their own interests but looking for what is good for the whole, or what will bring about maturity in Christ.

Dying to self means taking pain, flak, or push-back in the face of holding truth and the right way forward, so folks grow and mature. A brave and courageous leader takes risks to move a group toward the wisdom of Christ’s discernment without knowing how the situation will turn out. Although the leader is safe in Christ, he or she is often unsafe in the resistant environment. To be unprincipled, soft-minded, or vacillating when the maturity of an organization is threatened, is to preserve oneself in the face of sabotaging forces.

Dying to self is being proactive and pursuing what is best for the system’s development toward Christ and his kingdom purposes, rather than sitting back, people pleasing, or only doing what feels safe and comfortable.

Leaders do what it take with vigorous love at the expense of self-preservation. They lay down their lives, personal wishes, and security so others will see Christ and His purposes flourish.