Moment with the father

Submitted by Keith Yoder, Founder of TTWM


A Moment in the Minority

As I was observing some group photos in which I am included, I saw that I was the only one of my race among the group. In that instant I sensed the Father speaking to me, “Spend a moment in the minority.” As I reflected further the following impressions came to me.

“Even as you spend time as the only one of your race among a different race, ethnicity, or neighborhood, you are sensitive to the differences.

“Dominance is the mark of broken relationships among humanity. One either feels dominated or dominates instead of giving and receiving honor.

“The dominated feel smallness, isolation and insecurity. The dominating is tempted with the pride of ‘I know better than you’ or ‘You must submit to me.’

“My Son lived as a minority. His race, culture, teaching and ministry were different than the prevailing culture. He extended acceptance and value to the minorities of His day whom He invited into My Kingdom.

“So, by His life within you and your life in Him, you also shall embrace identification with the minority. For as My Son found His identity in relationship with Me, even so do you and all those whom I draw and you welcome to know Me.

“In My Kingdom, each one has worth and purpose that transcends human groupings, rankings, and assessments. You were created to experience the fellowship of the Godhead. You were created and redeemed for honor—not dominance.”

Scriptural Connection: Matthew 9:9-11; 20:24-28; Luke 19:1-10; John 4:4-30; 11:45-48; 12:49-50; Galatians 2:20; 5:13-15; II Corinthians 13:14