Moment with the father

Submitted by Gene McCumber, Director of Intercession, TTWM


Who Will Care for the Sheep

God spoke to me during a staff meeting recently, and I want to share that revelation with you.

Sheep aren't very bright.  That's a fairly well-known fact.  They require care and attention.  If you leave a flock of sheep alone for very long, they will get themselves into trouble.  John 10 and Ezekiel 34 clearly state that sheep cannot care for themselves.  So, who will care for the sheep?

Both passages talk about shepherds who do not care for the sheep well.  They refer to sheep who wander off and get lost.  They talk about sheep who need to be led to food and water or else they won't make it.  Sheep will scatter and get injured or sick.  Without a shepherd who is connected to the owner of the flock and connected to the flock itself, the sheep will suffer.  So, who will care for the sheep?

I believe I can safely say we have all experienced bad shepherding by people in our lives.  But that's not where I want to focus.  I want to focus on the Good Shepherd.  Look at these passages.  Go ahead and read them; I'll wait....

....Done yet?  No?  K.  Keep reading; it's worth it....

...Okay.  Look at the care God puts into His flock.  He will search for us when we wander.  He will rescue us.  He will gather us together.  He will pasture us and feed us.  He will bind the wounded and strengthen the weak.  He will shepherd with justice.  He will be the gate of the fold.  He will not run, but will protect from the wolf.  He lays down His life for the sheep.  He knows His sheep.  And these little excerpts barely scratch the surface.

God Himself cares for the sheep.  God Himself takes the time to love and care for us.  What a humble God we serve.  What a wonderful Shepherd we follow.  He will care for the sheep.

Scriptural Connection: John 10, Ezekiel 34