Moment with the father

Submitted by Keith Yoder, Founder, TTWM


Impressions received while listening to God in prayer

Your behavior affects the land. The land where you reside, work, and serve is your stewardship.

Upright behavior roots people in the land with longevity and stability. Those who practice wickedness are uprooted from the land. Those who wait upon the Lord with dependency and expectancy inherent the land.

God made a covenant with our first ancestors blessing them to cultivate the land. However, when they chose to not follow the righteous way God had given them, the land as well as their relationships were radically changed.

Moses and Joshua individually met God, and in light of the Presence of God, they were instructed to take off their shoes because the land where they stood was declared holy.

Abram was promised a land, and his righteousness by faith established the way for his descendants to dwell in that land from generation to generation.

The shedding of innocent blood defiles the land. But prayers of righteous persons have a powerful effect upon the created world and opened the way for transformation of the land and its people.

Even the blood of Christ was spilled on the land at the cross; that act of sacrifice prepared the way for the creation and those who dwell therein to be redeemed.

Your walk, way of life, ultimately impacts the land. So walk in righteousness.

(Scriptural foundation: Genesis 1:28; 3:17-19; Psalms 37:9, 29; Proverbs 2:21-22; John 19:34; James 5:16-18)