Moment with the father

Half baked

Submitted by Kathy Nolt, Financial Manager, TTWM


ephraim is a cake unturned
-hosea 7:8

Recently, during my quiet time with the Father, I came across this verse, and it has been turning around in my spirit.  In that day, bread was often prepared as a cake that was cooked on both sides, something like a pancake.  So an unturned cake is burned on one side and uncooked on the other.

Charles Spurgeon had this to say about this verse: “A cake not turned is uncooked on one side; and so Ephraim was, in many respects, untouched by divine grace: though there was some partial obedience, there was very much rebellion left.”

This has made me wonder if there are areas of my life that are untouched by divine grace, therefore, am I “half-baked”?

There is that potential in all of us to be “half-baked”.  Maybe its in our broken places where we haven’t gone to the deep places God wants to take us for complete healing and freedom.  Maybe its in those areas where we are trying to serve both the Lord and the idols we may have built in our lives.  Maybe its in our leadership being unturned because “this is how its always been done”.   Maybe we are “half-baked” because of our religious thinking.

I pray as you contemplate this verse, you will desire God’s divine grace to touch every area of your life.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be a half-baked pancake.  I want to be a rotisserie chicken (picture the constant rotation under God’s divine grace!)  Well, now I’m hungry!