moment with the father

Submitted by Paula Horst, One Step Ministries


I stopped in my tracks the moment I saw it.


One word, from Mark 11:24 written on a post-it note, sticking to the upstairs bathroom mirror, now had my full attention. “God, You are really fun,” I thought as I chuckled out loud. God had given me this word as His word for me in 2019, and it shows up at the most unexpected places and times. This post-it note was actually one of 34 post-its I found displayed in very orderly fashion across the large mirror of my children’s bathroom. I also mused, “Well, that’s ONE way to get the Word of God in front of you!”

My 18 year old daughter has been battling severe anxiety recently, and this was her way of marinating in the Truth. As I have walked with her in this journey, I have felt many things...helpless, anxious, scared, tired, frustrated. Not at her, but in the struggle. I feel inadequate to be what she needs or offer wisdom that will benefit her. Yet I know that this is not true. I am enough and I have everything I need to come alongside her in the valley. Because of this one word...receive.

I feel this same inadequacy in ministry, whether to my daughter, a friend, or someone I meet at a One Step Ministries event. What can I say to alleviate their pain? What can I do to bring them hope? What step can I suggest that will free their soul? The Holy Spirit whispers, “Stay with Me. I will show you. Don’t worry. I will give you the words to speak at the moment you need them.”

I stood there in the bathroom, putting aside my laundry gathering, and paused to ponder once again all that I have received from my God and all that He wants to give me. I was reminded that He sees me, knows right where I am, notices me, cares for me and pierces the darkness with His light. I was reminded that I have nothing to give, other than what He gives me.

I have received and keep receiving so much from, acceptance, honor, value, wholeness, blessing, purpose, power, life, significance, peace, joy, hope, freedom...His mercies and grace are endless. I have much to offer because I have received all that He is. His presence with me and in me is my source.

“Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.”
Then he breathed on them and said, “
Receive the Holy Spirit.”
John 20:21-22