story from the field

Submitted by Keith Yoder, Founder and Minister, TTWM


For approximately two decades Teaching the Word Ministries has been in relationship with a pastor in India. Through the introduction of a former TTWM board member, one of our ministers, Don Riker, pioneered our partnership with the pastor and his family.

In addition to pastoring a local congregation, this pastor serves as a spiritual father to tribal pastors who make their own living as subsistence farmers and travel throughout the villages sharing the gospel. This face to face, house to house ministry is effective because the pastors are one of their own people in language and culture.

This example clearly illustrates the wisdom of Jeremiah’s promise to the nation of Israel regarding their restoration: Their leader shall be one of them and their ruler shall come forth from their midst; And I will bring him near and he shall approach Me; for who would dare to risk his life to approach Me? Declares the Lord. (Jeremiah 30:21)

Over the years TTWM has supported this spiritual father financially—a sustaining factor in the growth of the tribal pastors as well. Today, the pastor, his family, and the tribal pastors are all doing well—having endured persecution and scarcity. Recently, we have begun to translate books that we have published into their primary language.

It brings great joy to our hearts to know that the years of spiritual encouragement, relational support, and heart-felt counsel continue to bear good fruit.