story from the field

Submitted by Brian Flewelling, TTWM Partner


In our church community we have an Iraqi American (we’ll call Amil) who met Jesus in Iraq about ten years ago. For years he has been sharing his faith with his Muslim family who still live in Iraq. Just recently he Facetimed his sister (we’ll call Rafi) and was surprised when she answered at 4:30 in the morning her time.

She expressed, “I have been up praying for my son. We are concerned for his life he is not breathing well. I am worrying about him and praying to Allah for him.”

Amil said, “And did he (Allah) answer your prayers?”

“No” Rafi said, “he did not.”

Amil could sense his opportunity. “Why do you waste your time,” he responded?

“What do you mean,” she asked?

“Why do you waste your time praying to something that doesn’t exist. You need to pray to Jesus. Better yet, you need to give your life to Jesus and he will come and heal your son.”

After years of investing in his family’s life and talking about Jesus Amil was eager to see his sister respond to the gospel. But at that very moment the call dropped, and they weren’t able to get back in touch with each other for twenty-four hours.

When he finally reached his sister Amil was eager to know what the condition was of her son was and what had happened over the time of their absence.

“Tell me what’s going on,” he practically begged.

Rafi confessed, “after the call dropped, I got down on my knees and I prayed and asked Jesus into my heart...I saw a bright light, and in that light I saw a man with his arms stretched out and he said, ‘Come and follow me.’ When I opened my eyes I looked over and my son was sound asleep. I went over and listened to his breath and he was breathing normally. He was healed.”

She continued, “I have such peace.”

Through the immediate weeks after her experience her co-workers kept telling her “your face is shining. You are different.”

Both Rafi and her sister Nadal and her son Jamal have all come to faith in Jesus. They are ready the Bible and trusting in Jesus for their lives. Their family is now praying for the salvation of their youngest brother Muhummad.

It took patience on the part of Amil to continue to invest in Rafi’s life. It took discernment and finally courage to showcase Jesus above the Muslim way of life. But Jesus is Lord, and he revealed himself to both Rafi and Nadal. He is revealing himself like never before to some of the hardest-to-reach peoples on earth. It will continue to take compassion, and intercession on our part to hold out the truth and hope of the gospel to Muslims. Islam promises peace, but doesn’t satisfy. Jesus is the true Prince of Peace. Keep praying for God’s loving kindness in the person of Jesus to pierce the dark lies wrapped around their minds and hearts.