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Outline of Main Presence-Based Leadership Principles

Overview of the foundational principles for understanding and implementing
the Presence-Based Leadership model.


5C Growth Strategy

Developing a strategy to move into PBL based on five areas for leadership growth  (pg. 230)


Presence-Based Leadership Bookmark

Excellent way to introduce and/or refresh the concepts of PBL for individuals or groups (pg. 34)


Lisa Hosler's Community Building Ideas:  Conversation Starters

Questions and activities to spark community-building conversation in your team gatherings.  You may also incorporate some of these for "Worship and Ministry" or "Equipping."


Equipping Activities

Sample activities to use during the equipping time in a leadership team meeting.
Helps members better serve as participants on your team.


Worship and Ministry Ideas

Ideas you may use for the “Worship and Ministry” portion of your meeting, designed to express our hearts of worship to the Lord with community interaction.


Interactive Training Ideas

Real-life activities to help introduce and train your team or group in Presence-Based Leadership discernment.


Hearing God Together as a Team:  Discerning God's Direction with and through Others

Use this outline to help your team understand the basic principles of hearing God together:

Assemble, Acknowledge, Agree


Interactive Teaching/Learning Design

Principles and practical ideas for developing learning activities that provide the environment for meaningful application, transformation and growth. Includes application of the “5C’s of Leadership” and “Four Aspects of Learning.”